Westhaven Community Options

Where we came from...where we are now...and where we were

Westhaven Community in Boone, Iowa, has provided over 100 years of service and caring for our senior citizens, their families and the Boone community. Right here in the heart of Iowa there is kindly, godly and considerate care for those in the sunset years of life!

And we're still continuing to grow and expand in our service to Christ, the elderly, their families and our community. Our heart and our passion are in our service to our residents - our hands demonstrate that caring and commitment. Just like we've done in the past, today we're lovingly caring for the elderly and we look forward to continuing our rich history of caring for them in the future.

Renovations For the Future

Our major building projects are complete - nursing home and assisted living. We renovated the kitchen in 2014. The goal of all projects is to better serve our residents, their families and community. Westhaven Community is sincerely thankful to God for the vision of its early leaders in starting the home in 1912 and in continuing it until this day with regular improvements. As you see, we have a strong past and are on our way to an even stronger future. In 2010, the independent living and health center portions of the building and renovation project are complete. The assisted living portion was completed and opened in October of 2011. Call us for a tour.  We would love to meet you and explain our services.

Where We Came From

When the visionaries of 1912 first opened what is now Westhaven Community, they called it the Swedish Old Folks' Home and provided a place pastors and their wives to live in their golden years. Now, years later, our clientele has changed, but our mission hasn't.