Private support plays a key role in the mission of Westhaven Community. Giving opportunities includes gifts in the form of an unrestricted fund, an endowment gift, memorials and other areas of programming and services. Gifts may be restricted by donors to a particular specialty or program, while unrestricted gifts can be used by the Board of Directors to assist in meeting the most vital needs of Westhaven Community.

Giving Options

Donations are tax deductible and may be made in several forms, including cash, securities, real estate, life insurance and bequests. Donors can also establish charitable gift annuities and remainder trusts, which create an ongoing income for Westhaven Community. In addition, our Chaplain has a chaplain fund that he uses to assist those in need, both residents and staff. This fund also is used for our local and global ministaries.  All donations to Westhaven are tax deductable and you will be furnished proper documentation.

The Room or Visiting Areas Adoption program allows sponsorship of a resident room or sitting area in the building. By adopting a room, you can help provide essential and decorative furnishings, as well as state-of-the-art equipment. In recognition of your generosity, we will display a plaque outside your adoption room/area.

A Tribute gift can be given in memory of (deceased) or in honor of (living), a relative, co-worker or friend. We will promptly acknowledge your gift to the individual or family of whom you name, to inform them of your thoughtfulness. A Tribute gift can be any amount.

A Resource Development Fund has been set up for on going needs of Westhaven Community. Gifts of any amount can be indicated toward specific areas at the discretion of the owner.

The Courtyards of Westhaven Community are natural settings of plants and flowers. Your gift can enhance comfortable sitting areas scattered throughout the courtyard. The courtyards are designed to provide restful areas for the enjoyment of the patients, visitors and community.

For more information about Westhaven Community or giving opportunites, please call: 515-432-1393 or email: